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Hajj usually unites hearts from all ends of the globe. This year, let’s continue to uplift the community through giving.

Automate your giving

Dhul Hijjah is better together

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“There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days (of Dhul Hijjah).”

Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him
Al-Bukhaari, 2/457

Make the most of the 10 best days

Give Qurbani/Udhiya. Sponsor an Orphan. Build a well. Giving to thousands of inspiring campaigns and charities has never been so easy.

How it Works

Dhul Hijjah Challenge

How much do I donate daily?
You can choose your own daily giving goal. It can be as little as $1!
How many times will I be auto-charged?
You will be auto-charged for the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Auto-charges run at 8PM ET. You will not be charged after the challenge ends.
What happens if I donate manually?
If you make a donation on LaunchGood manually, then you will not be auto-charged again on that day.
What happens if I signed up late?
You will only be charged for any remaining days in the challenge. But you can always go back and make up your missed days by making a donation manually to any campaign on LaunchGood.
How do I choose where my donation goes?
You can pre-select where your auto-donation goes to using the Give List feature. If you don’t have a campaign pre-selected, we will choose one for you!
How big is Dhul Hijjah Challenge?
Last year, thousands of donors raised $1.3M for 400+ campaigns in the best 10 days of the year