LaunchGood Community Fundraising Pages


What is a LaunchGood community fundraising page?

A community fundraising page is a curated page that  makes it easy for team members, supporters, and volunteers to quickly raise funds for your organization or cause.


What are some examples on LaunchGood?


How will a community fundraising page help my organization?

  • Empowering Volunteers:  Empower organizational supporters and volunteers to easily raise funds in response to emergencies, general events, or fundraising challenges. Keep track of how much is raised for causes in a fun and gamified way.


  • Personalized Fundraising Support: Outsource the fundraising support to us. The LaunchGood team will assign a complementary campaign coach to work with your volunteers to share best practices and help them raise twice as much.


  • Less Administrative Work: Funds are sent directly to your organization’s bank account. The LaunchGood team will also share donor information and schedule of funds transferred.

How much does it cost?
There is no charge to create the page! Campaigns through the page fall under our general platform fees.

How can I get started?

Send our team an email with title “LaunchGood Community Fundraising Page for [Organization Name] to We’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours on getting your page started and what information we need to set it up!