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Founded in November 2011 by Syrian-Americans Dr. Jihad Qaddour and his daughter Jomana Qaddour, Syria Relief and Development (SRD) was created to provide humanitarian relief to Syrian civilians amid conflict in the country. The Qaddours desired to ease the escalating humanitarian crisis and alleviate suffering for the people of their original homeland. Their memories of happiness and love, in what was once one of the most historic and beautiful countries in the world, guided their hearts to developing an organization that reflected the beauty and hope of Syria‚Äôs land and people.. 

    How it Works: 

    STEP 1 - Submit Campaign for Review: Participating individuals or organizations need to create a campaign on and submit for review. When creating the campaign, they should make sure to Syria Relief & Development as a community page to their campaign.


    STEP 2 - LaunchGood Review:  In 24-48 hours, the LaunchGood team will assign a project coach to provide feedback and discuss best practices before launching.


    STEP 3 - Project Goes Live! Start crowdfunding! LaunchGood will provide crowdfunding coaching support throughout the fundraising process.


    STEP 4 - Campaign Ends: LaunchGood sends funds raised directly to Syria Relief & Development team.

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